We have recently been reviewing the group structure, which includes roles and responsibilities. Below is the up-to-date list of who does what. Please note that just because someone takes on a role (such as Grounds Maintenance for example) it does not mean that this person is expected to single-handedly┬ádo all of the work themselves – it just means that they have an overview of that area and will organise others to help as needed.

Some roles have two (or more) people responsible, so just because someone’s name is in the box, don’t feel you can’t express interest! If you’re interested in any of the roles that are currently vacant, please chat to Steve

Group LeaderSteve Felix
Deputy Group Leader Libby Crowe / Rob DeFlorian
AdministrationGrace Pearce
StoresGolly Fulloon
Clothing and PPERob De Florian
Flood BoatLibby Crowe
CommunicationsChris Hixon
IT SupportSteve Felix
Welfare (Unit)Zeta Ware
Peer Support (Unit)Bel Piper
Vertical Rescue
Generators / LightingMike Koens
Mapping / GPS
Vehicles / Traffic ControlVinh Tang
Working at HeightsLibby Crowe
ChainsawsChris Jones
TrainingSteve Felix / Libby Crowe / Rob De Florian
Training AdminGrace Pearce
First Aid KitsLibby Crowe
Helmet DUCOTShane Schleehauf
Safety Officer
Grounds MaintenanceScott Robertson
Social Events (Committee)
Newsletter / Internal Comms